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Morphick Managed Endpoint Detection & Response Service

Morphick and Endgame together offer the industry’s most advanced Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (Managed EDR™) service to shield enterprises with 24/7 best-in-class protection against next-gen attacks. Managed EDR™ combines Morphick’s proven adaptive security methodologies with Endgame’s unmatched ability to prevent advanced attacks, stop ongoing attacks, and hunt next-generation threats at the earliest stages. Organizations will improve endpoint security, avoid costly IR engagements, and reduce business exposure without the burden of managing technology or hiring additional staff.

Download the data sheet about the Morphick Managed Endpoint Detection & Response Service Powered by Endgame

The Managed EDR™ service combines Morphick’s best-in-class managed detection and response services with Endgame’s industry-leading EDR platform to deliver:

  • Continuous endpoint threat monitoring & prevention
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Detailed forensic investigation and threat validation
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • NSA-CIRA accredited incident response services

The Morphick Managed EDR™ service closes the protection gap by preventing advanced attacks at the earliest stages of the cyber kill chain and by detecting and evicting resident adversaries that evade defenses.  

Morphick detects and responds, partnering closely with your security team and incident responders to dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with effectively mitigating attacks.

The Morphick Managed EDR™ Service includes:

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Detects and Scopes Attacks Immediately. Leveraging Endgame’s Hardware-Assisted Control Flow Integrity and MalwareScore technologies, Morphick will identify malicious attacks

Responds and Communicates. Quickly isolates malicious activity before it can threaten your environment. Through Endgame’s surgical response capabilities, Morphick provides immediate containment options along with notification to your security team with specific of the attack and any additional required follow up.

Morphing defensive postures. Morphick utilizes Endgame’s visibility and flexibility to constantly adjust defensive postures and detection capabilities based on the specific attacks that you are facing.

Advanced Threat Hunting Service

Proactive. Hunts for known and unknown threats using tailored threat intelligence based on your environment and your adversaries.

Stealthy. Looks for adversaries using methods that hide its presence in order to detect while remaining invisible to attackers

Effective. Reduce dwell time by expediting adversary detection, and delivering your security team validated threat notifications with specific details to quickly contain and remediate 

Integration with Morphick’s other Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

The Power of Managed EDR™ combined with Morphick Managed Network and Email

  • Endgame’s capabilities combined with Morphick’s network and email capabilities allow attackers to be detected, tracked and contained at every phase of the cyber kill chain.
  • Unified detection and response capabilities allow:
    • Network attacks to be detected, isolated to a specific endpoint and remediated.
    • Endpoint attacks to be detected, command and control channels analyzed and lateral movement identified in order to more effectively scope attacks.

Comprehensive visibility and detection
Integrated Analytical Pivoting capabilities across endpoint, network and email allows analysts to track attackers as they change tools, tactics and procedures during an attack to more accurately and quickly scope, contain and remediate attacks.

Managed by Morphick’s 24x7 Threat Intelligence Center experts
Managed Endpoint and Threat Hunting Services are provided by Morphick’s 24x7 US-Based NSA-Accredited SOC.  Our analysts provides complete monitoring, maintenance, investigation, and remediation of all events, working closely with your security team.

Download the data sheet about the Morphick Managed Endpoint Detection & Response Service Powered by Endgame