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Morphick Defense Platform

Morphick Defense Platform

The technology underlying Morphick’s Managed Detection and Response Services.

To create morphing defensive postures as part of our Managed Detection and Response Service, we need technology that allows us to detect attacks, respond to attacks and then adjust your defenses based on what we learn from those attacks.  The Morphick Defense Platform provides these capabilities as part of the overall Morphick Managed Detection and Response Services.

"The Morphick Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Service provides incredible value to our global security operations.  The Morphick team partners with our security team, creating a force-multiplier effect from unmatched security expertise and advanced detection capabilities inside of our organization." 

Global Security Operations Leader
Fortune 100 Financial Services Company


Morphick Visibility

Full Visibility

You can’t catch what you cannot see.

  • Full packet capture on network
  • Complete visibility to inbound email
  • Targeted scans of end points
Morphick Detection

Dynamic Detection

More ways to catch more attacks

  • Signature
  • Reputation
  • Behavior
  • Analytics


Managed Detection & Response


Out of band, invisible detection

  • Full packet capture
  • Bro, Suricata, YARA, Reputation, Behavior, and Analytic based detection
  • 500Mb, 1Gb, 10Gb appliances
  • Integration with existing SIEM


Multi-layer detection for inbound email.

  • Spam and AV
  • Bro, Suricata, YARA, Reputation, Behavior, and Analytic based detection
  • Cloud based deployment
Morphick Defense Platform


Agentless scanning capabilities.

  • Appliance and virtual deployments
  • Full visibility: storage, memory, running processes, open connections, etc.
  • Windows, Mac, NIX
Tailored Threat Intelligence


External DNS resolution services.

  • Blacklist, Greylist, Whitelist capabilities
  • Attack containment
  • Command and control disruption