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Managed Detection & Response

Managed Detection & Response

Managed Detection and Response is an outcome based service that focuses on detecting and responding to attacks.  The service delivers advanced detection, 24/7 analysis, industry leading incident response, and tailored threat intelligence in one package designed to stop attackers.  

Rather than just monitoring logs and determining whether alerts are true or false positive, Morphick’s Managed Detection and Response service monitors the source content of your network, email, and endpoints to better detect attacks.  It also provides in-depth analysis that does not stop when an alert is verified, but goes deeper to determine if that alert can be used to find something else in the environment.  Add in incident response and tailored threat intelligence that enables Morphing Defensive Postures and you have a level of defense that is unmatched by other providers.

Click here to read the Gartner guide on Managed Detection and Response.

“Morphick's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services have been an excellent addition to our global security team!  Morphick was able to quickly and easily deploy their technology and services to our global locations.  Their threat hunting technology has proved to be of great value in our layers of defenses, but even more importantly, their partnership has exceeded our expectations.  Through the MDR service, Morphick has truly become an extension of our team, and is excited to share information and skills with my internal resources.”

JD Rogers
Chief Information Security Officer, American Financial Group Inc (NYSE:AFG

Morphick’s unique approach to Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection & Response
  • Complete visibility enables early detection of sophisticated and random threats. We do this by using more detection engines than anyone else in the industry (Signature, Reputation, Behavior, and Patented Big Data Analytics) which are monitored by our round the clock team of experienced analysts.
  • Tailored threat intelligence based on what is happening in your environment, not just across the industry.
  • Morphing Defensive Postures that change based on the attacks you experience, making you a moving target from an attacker’s perspective.  Attackers should never face the same set of defenses twice.
  • Practitioner background provides real-world expertise to monitor threat detection.
  • NSA CIRA-accredited Incident Response.