Incident Response is a Team Sport

Responding to and recovering from a cyber security incident is often one of the most challenging events an organization will face.  The

Monster in your Pocket. Simple ways to secure your mobile devices.

The mobile device sector has become a target rich environment, and attackers favor the way of least resistance. As Corporate networks lock down,

A Closer Look at Hancitor

Hancitor is a popular dropper used in phishing campaigns.  It’s often associated with dropping vawtrak and pony. There are already write-ups on

The Benign True Positive Challenge

Recently, we posted an example of something we see a lot at Morphick; we have come to call them “benign true positives,” simply because the name

True Positive False Positive

False positives are an everyday occurrence for analysts. To an analyst, a false positive, while sometimes time consuming, offers an opportunity to