MiKey - A Linux keylogger

Linux malware is slowly becoming more popular.  Within the past couple years there were several major incidents that cited the use of

KLRD Keylogger

Symantec released a report in the beginning of October that talks about Odinaff, which is a new piece of malware used in campaigns targeting

How deep of analysis can a SOC analyst actually provide?

How accurate of a story can an analyst present without having everything in front of them? (In this case, everything being a completely reverse

Morphick’s Cybersecurity Services Continue to be Validated by the National Security Agency

Cincinnati, OH - Morphick®, the industry leader in incident response as well as the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service designed to elevate

ScanPOS, new POS malware being distributed by Kronos

Just in time for the holidays, a brand new Point Of Sale (POS) malware family has been discovered.  Morphick responded to a Kronos phishing