The Morphick Solution

We create morphing defensive postures that constantly change based on the attacker’s unique strategy.

Managed Detection and Response Services


Proactive Threat Hunting Services

Unparalleled Visibility

•  Full-packet Capture
• Complete Endpoint Visibility
• Deep-email inspection
• HW+Cloud-based Solution
– Network
– Endpoint
– Email


• Dynamic Detection
– Signature
– Reputation
– Behavior
– Patented-Analytics
• NSA CIRA-Accredited IR


• Orchestrated Defenses
• 24/7 Analysis & Investigation
• Embedded SOC Resources
• Contextual Intel
- Reverse Engineering
- Customer detection capabilities

Proactive Threat Hunting Services

Incident Response Services

Morphick Incident Response Services enable organizations to effectively address sophisticated security incidents, minimize data loss, business impact, and provide long-term solutions to protect against future attacks.

Compromise Assessment

The Morphick Compromise Assessment determines if your organization has an active security breach, the extent of the compromise, as well as evidence of recent attacks and persistent threats.

Threat Hunting / Malware Reverse Engineering

Amplify your existing security capabilities with the outcomes you need: world-class incident investigation and response, elite threat hunting, and expert security guidance. Morphick tailors your security orchestration by addressing the business,...

Security Defense Assessment

The premier path to world-class cyber threat detection and remediation. Determine the most effective way to use your existing resources. Prioritize your needs. Plan your next steps with expert guidance.

Meet the Team

Morphick’s Managed Detection and Response and Proactive Threat Hunting Services are powered by our practitioner backgrounds.

  • Brian Minick
    CEO & Co-founder
  • Brian Klenke
    Vice President, Incident Response & Co-founder
  • Michael Picton
    Vice President, Managed Detection & Response Services & Co-founder
  • David Lavinder
    Vice President, Threat Intelligence
  • Greg Schoeny
    Vice President, Sales and Marketing
  • Thomas P. Jennings, Esq.
    Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary


Sharing some of the tools, tactics, and procedures we have learned from our years of defending enterprises just like yours.

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